8PON Ports

The OLT can use for “Triple-Play”, CPN, IP Camera, Enterprise LAN and IOT applications. It is a high performance product.


Powerful and flexible network construction mode: Between any two PON ports of DBC OLT Series, the redundancy of the backbone optical fiber is supported and the switchover time is less than or equal to 50ms. At the same time, DBC OLT series supports to establish RSTP and EAPS between SNIs and the switchover time is less than or equal to 50ms. Additionally it can work together with industrial DBC ONU Series to construct the bus or tree network topology with hand-in-hand protection. EPON transmission network: The optical fiber is used as the transmission media and there is no source in the whole transmission, so it runs stably and reliably. The bidirectional high-bandwidth services can be realized on a single fiber with a downlink/uplink rate of 1.25Gbps. The EPON network supports the multi-level prismatic bus topology which is suitable to the structure of the power lines of the distribution network. QoS guarantee for multi-services: The QoS mechanism, based on ITU-T Y.1291, is supported, including priority labeling, queue schedule, flow shaping, congestion limit and cache management. Different users and services have different delays, jitters, guaranteed bandwidths and maximum bandwidths, and the DBA mechanism is supported so that the uplink bandwidth of each DBC ONU can be distributed and

Advanced system architecture: Its modularized design supports multiple customization requirements; the power supply from two power sources is reliable and secure; according to customers’ requirements, DC12V, DC24V, DC48V or AC220V can be provided.

Various Ethernet functions: Multiple technologies are supported, such as VLAN isolation, port protection, MAC binding, IP binding, port limit, queue and flow control, so the combination of multiple services can be developed without technical bottleneck and upgraded smoothly.

Unified and versatile network management system: The network management system is service oriented and it provides the unified network transmission and networking protocol, address management, domain management, security management, user access management and so on. It has rich OAM functions such as configuration, alarm, performance monitoring, trouble isolation and security management. At the same time, it supports the CLI/GUI management, which is easy to use.

Industrial-level design suitable to the electric power industry: DBC OLT Series provides such interfaces as GE interfaces and FE interfaces . This series of products can be applied in harsh environments and running in the temperature range between -40 and 85 , prevent thunder attacks and strong electromagnetic interference.


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