DBC 2928F Switch

DBC 2928F switches are new-generation smart access ones for carrier’s IP MAN and enterprise networks, large campuses and enterprise networks. With the new-generation high-performance hardware. DBC 2928F provides users with the longest non-stop communication potential. This also results from it integration with multiple network services and reliable techniques such as IPv6, MPLS VPN, network security, non-stop upgrade, non-stop forwarding, graceful restart-up and redundancy protection.

  • Advanced Hardware Architecture and Industry-Leading Port Intensity
    • 1U box-shaped switch with 16 gigabit SFP ports, 8 gigabit TX/SFP combo ports and 4 10GE .It adopts the high-performance ASIC switch chip, which can meet the requirements of all kinds of complicated application sites.
    • Supports 64K MAC and 64K routing items.
  • Carrier-Level High Reliability
    • Based on HPS (Hitless Protection System), the key components of the switch can realize seamless switching in default. For instance, the power supply can expand to dual power supply backup.
    • Supports STP/RSTP/MSTP protocol, VRRP protocol, Ethernet ring protection, dual uplink primary and secondary link protection, and LACP link aggregation
    • supports ISSU (In-Service Software Upgrade) which guarantees the non-stop forwarding of the user data in system upgrade.
    • supports ultra-high BFD dual-directional link detection mechanism. Through the
      linkage of layer-2 and layer-3 protocols, the fault detection and service recovery can be
      realized in seconds.
    • supports Ethernet OAM mechanism, 802.3ah, 802.1ag and ITU-Y.1731. Through real-time monitoring the networking running state, the fault can be fastly detected and located.
    • supports the high-reliability design of the software and hardware. Its fault recovery time is 50ms, and its high reliability is up to 99.999%.
  • Varied Service Characteristics
    • Supports layer2 and layer3 multicast routing protocol, which enable the device can access to IPTV, HD video surveillance and HD video conference.
    • Supports layer3 routing protocol and super-large routing table capacity, which enables the device is available in large campus networks, enterprise networks and industry networks.
    • Supports layer2 and layer3 MPLS VPN.
  • Versatile Ipv6 Solution
    • Supports the IPv6 protocol suite, IPv6 neighbor discovery, ICMPv6, path MTU discovery,DHCPv6, etc.
    • Supports Ping, Traceroute, Telnet, SSH, ACL.
    • Supports MLD, MLD Snooping, IPv6 static routing, RIPng, OSPFv3 and BGP4+, etc.
    • Supports IPv6 tunnel: manual tunnel, automatic tunnel, GRE tunnel, 6to4, ISATAP
    • Supports IPv4 transits to IPv6: IPv6 manual tunnel, automatic tunnel, 6 to 4 tunnel, ISATAP tunnel.
  • Complete Security Mechanism
    • Equipment-Level Security: The advanced hardware infrastructure design realizes the level-based packet schedule and packet protection, prevents DoS-/TCP-related SYN Flood, UDP Flood, Broadcast Storm or large traffic attacks, and supports level-based command line protection, endowing different levels of users with different management permissions.
    • Security Authentication Mechanism: IEEE 802.1x, Radius and BDTacacs+
    • Enhanced Service Security Mechanism: supports the plaintext or MD5 authentication of relevant routing protocol, URPF, deep inspection of hardware packet, control packet and data packet and filtering technology.
  • Innovative Energy-Saving Design
    • Intelligent power management: The power system of this switch series supports real-time monitoring the device and the slow-start. It is also power-saving.
    • Intelligent fan management system: The fan system of this switch Series supports automatic speed regulation, which efficiently slow the fan speed and mitigate the noise.
    • Comply with the international standard IEEE 802.3az.


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